Oola Challenge Day 7: Fun

Here’s an excerpt from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 7: Fun

Have you ever caught yourself smiling while you’re doing something you love? When it’s almost impossible to hold it back, that’s OolaFun. Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to do one activity or hobby that you used to enjoy but quit for whatever reason.

Enjoy the process of reflecting on your memories, schedule a little time for fun, and tap into the carefree joy of your youth. We bet you’ll be smiling.

Not gonna lie. This might be the hardest F of Oola. And I completely know how ridiculous that sounds. I mean….who doesn’t want more fun, right?

The thing is…I’m in a season of life right now where I legit don’t remember how to do it. Like…when I catch myself truly laughing…it’s a shock to my system and it makes me abruptly stop. Serious. It’s awful. No wonder it’s the shortest spoke on my Oola Wheel 😳

At each stage of life, the increased level of responsibility on a my plate seems to be directly proportional to the lack of fun. And lately, the level of responsibility has been growing.

I think it’s guilt really…which we will discuss more on a later day (as an Oola Blocker). But, I feel guilty pursuing fun stuff cause it probably means I’m ignoring something else that “needs” to be done. That makes perfect sense, right? 😂

But today. Today, I sat in the floor and played blocks with my kiddos…twice. Anna just wanted to take all the blocks apart. But, Casey was building us a brick house so we would be safe from the Big Bad Wolf 😳 And a train station. And a space ship. And a chair for his Nana. 💝

Too often I’ve let work come between me and these moments. Seeing life anew thru their eyes. The excitement, the wonder and the joy. It’s so precious and fleeting.

Someday they will know the guilt and responsibility. But for now, I’m refocusing. I want to protect this innocence (and benefit by association) for as long as possible.

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