Getting Started

So, here we are. More than a year after I made the decision to start a blog. And…this is the first post. 😳 You ‘might’ say I’m a bit of a procrastinator and a perfectionist. The combination is well….a vicious cycle. Alas, I’m finally doing it because I’ve realized 1) it’s going to always be a work in progress (just like me) and 2) if I don’t just pull the trigger, it may never happen.

So, a little about me. I’m an Army helicopter pilot (just over 18 years) married to another Army aviator (Andrew) and we are raising two little spitfires (Casey is 3 and Anna is 1)  just outside Kansas City (^this is us celebrating the 4th of July in Pueblo, CO earlier this week).

We just returned from a 3 week RV Trip (proof of concept for our post-military retirement plan…more on that in a future post) and the house is a disaster area of unloading and reorganizing. I mentioned I was a procrastinator, right? So, one of my primary modes of procrastination….avoid work that needs to be done by doing other work I’ve been putting off. Lol. Perfect time to start a blog, right? 😜

Anyway, I’m a Jesus-loving (though church struggling), overworked and underorganized mom of two rambunctious littles, with a tirelessly patient husband working my way towards military retirement while trying to find a “better way” to be present for my family, to meet their needs with my time and energy while minimizing our exposure to all the “gunk” in our environment (processed foods, toxic chemicals in everyday products, violence, racism, and on and on). One way I’ve found to do this is with Young Living Essential Oils. I’m able to replace everyday, toxin laden products with natural alternatives, reconnect with myself and my passions (outside of wife, mother and Soldier) and I’m even bringing in enough side income now to realize this could change the game for us in retirement. But, I’ll tell you more about my YL journey in a later post. For now, suffice it to say….I’m inspired to know better and do better…one mistake at a time-  haha!

Thus, Our Inspired Living was born! Welcome to the journey, friends 😘