Oola Challenge Day 1: Fitness

Here’s an excerpt of the challenge from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 1: Fitness

It’s easy to point out what we love about how other people look. We notice how fit, strong, and good-looking they are. Social media, magazines, and TV bombard us with ideas of what our bodies should look like and what diet we should be on. It’s easy to get caught up in society’s idea that physical appearance dictates beauty. With all these influences, it’s easy to compare our bodies to the “perfect” things we see in society. Today, we want you to find the beauty in you.

Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to think of three things you love about your body.

This is always tough for me….but I guess that’s why it’s so important, right? Here are three things I love about my body:
1) It was strong and adaptable enough to conceive, carry and sustain my two precious children
2) It has allowed me to achieve a lot of goals in life and to reach literal and figurative peaks I’d only imagined
3) It was uniquely, beautifully and wonderfully purpose built by God to bring me joy- from my curvy bottom to my hazel eyes and from my tiny feet to my curly hair. Everything else is mine for the shaping!

After deciding my 3 things, I rubbed 2 drops of Fitness between my palms, inhaled deeply and said “I am fit, healthy, disciplined and strong”…know what? I believed it.

I may not have the body I want but I am so grateful I have the body I need. Time to get serious though. I turn 40 this year (in a few weeks actually) and I want 40 to be my healthiest ever. So, here we go…

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