Oola Challenge Day 2: Finance

Here’s an excerpt of the challenge from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 2: Finance

Debt is very un-Oola. There are primarily three ways we use money: spending, giving, and saving. Most of us don’t have a problem spending it, but when it comes to giving and saving, we have a harder time.

Today’s challenge is to sacrifice something small today for something bigger. After you make your small sacrifice, put a couple drops of Finance™ essential oil blend in your palms, inhale, and say, “I am financially free and living abundantly.”

So….The goal was to sacrifice something I was planning to buy and donate that amount or save it towards another goal. Then, rub two drops of Finance on the palms and inhale.

Background…my husband stinks at gifts and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. He fully admits to this.  It’s just not one of his love languages and it very much is for me (The 5 Love Languages is a great book that I highly recommend if you aren’t familiar).  Truth…I KNOW without a shred of doubt that he loves me. He supports me and he celebrates me everyday…in his way. But, I still get my feelings hurt. Selfish? Immature? Just human? Or maybe a girl thing? I dunno. Maybe yes to all of that. Either way…it makes me sad.

I read somewhere that we are often more disappointed by our own (uncommunicated) expectations than we are by other people. And it’s SO TRUE. So, I’ve been known to purchase my own gifts, cake, etc so that when he inevitably exclaims “oh snap- that’s today/this week/etc” – I won’t be totally disappointed.  Y’all…I’m turning 40 next month and I’m terrified of being disappointed by my expectations. Sigh.

But, I was reminded today, by one of my oil team leaders….you can’t pour from an empty cup. And, I’ve been feeling totally burnt out like a Roman candle shooting off from both ends. So, I got an idea and my hubby agreed to let me mark my 40th in a big way! This has been brewing for awhile. It’s a little bit of a twist on “finance” though. Here’s the thing….I’m stressed. All the time. By the physical and mental clutter in my daily life. And…time is money, right? My time with littles is finite and can’t be replaced. My time with my YL team, building our futures is so SO precious to me. My time at the office is mandatory. So, what gives?

I’ve decided to SPEND money. 😱😐😳 Ummm….wasn’t I supposed to be saving money? Yeah. Well, it may need to be a little bit of transference in the beginning but I think it will pay for itself, not only in peace of mind….but in actual $$ within a few months if I do it right.

I’m getting assistants, y’all. We already have a housekeeper but I’m getting serious about meal planning and upping my delivered goods game to include produce, meat and dairy…I’ve hired a trainer (cause if I’m paying for it, I’m accountable and will show up)…I’m booking a sitter three times a month for standing/scheduled date nights and “decluttering” and I’m hiring a teen to come organize my closets, my sell/donate piles and my office space.

I’m over trying to do it all, y’all. Cause I try and…I end up miserable, missing all the fun and unable to enjoy and savor those precious moments and victories. My time and sanity has a price.

So, Platinum….I’m coming for you (to understand what that means, check out the Income Disclosure Statement from YL linked at the bottom of this post 😱). And until then, I’m gonna enjoy the gift of being Gold. I’m gonna reinvest in me a little bit and recharge my batteries. If time is money…I’m looking at abundance a little bit differently but, I still think the Oola Guys would approve. 😜

Click to access incomedisclosurestatement_us.pdf

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