Oola Challenge Day 4: Field

Here’s an excerpt from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 4: Field

Field refers to your career or profession, including stay-at-home parents and students. There are two categories in OolaField. First is your day job. This is typically something you do to make ends meet. It isn’t your passion, but it pays the bills. The second category is your dream job. This is a job that makes you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose. If money were no object, what would you do? For some, it’s growing their own business. Others may have a passion for writing, caretaking, or homemaking.

Unfortunately, it’s rare that you find people who make the most of every moment of their job, whether it’s their day job, their dream job, or somewhere in between.

Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to find at least one way to give your all to the job you have today. You may not be in your dream job. You may not feel like you are serving your purpose. But every moment you make the most of your current opportunity, the closer you get to your OolaLife.

So…this day didn’t go as I had planned. But I’m glad I was focused and giving my all to what needed to be done.

I helped a mom with two young kiddos get medical and counseling support after a domestic violence incident. She moved to my installation only 3 days before. She knows no one. But…she has me.

And everyday lately I’m facing life changing decisions as a Commander. I didn’t write all the policies I have to enforce and I don’t agree with several that end up excluding Soldiers from training that could make or…completely derail their careers and leave them 10+ years invested looking for a new career simply because of luck, timing and circumstances (ranging from injury to cancer to pregnancy to substance abuse and PTSD). This might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done (besides motherhood) and I can tell (on only Day 2) that this is gonna be a huge test of my own resilience and it’s really gonna push me to seek “balance” in all areas of my life.

So…I’m super busy. I’m also missing this group like crazy. But once this transition period is done, I’ll have a much better plan for keeping up with all my daily passions.

Busy? Stressed? Mentally and physically exhausted? YES!

But I also feel like I have purpose and fulfillment in multiple areas of my life…and that’s been missing for awhile. ❤️

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