Oola Challenge Day 8: Fear

Here’s an excerpt from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 8: Fear

This past week we focused on the seven Fs of Oola that you need to balance and grow as you pursue your OolaLife. If you truly have a desire to live an OolaLife, it’s important to identify what traits and characteristics hold you back. At Oola, we call these the OolaBlockers. Although it may be a challenge to confront these blockers and look at yourself honestly, we know that when you remove the clutter in your life, you can build from a fresh place.

For most people, fear is the greatest obstacle in their pursuit of Oola. Don’t allow fear to prevent you from taking action that creates balance and growth in your life.

In order to do this, you must overcome fear by using the “ready, set, go” process. The first step to overcoming fear is to get ready. You must acknowledge that you are fearful of the situation that lies ahead and prepare for it.

Next, you must set fear in its place. What would your life look like if you let fear win?

The last step is “go.” This is the 20 seconds of courage you need to walk into the gym for the first time, talk on stage, attend a church, remove that toxic relationship, rid yourself of debt, get involved in your community, or host an event for your Young Living business.

Gahhh! His timing is always impeccable. I’m several days behind and playing catch up but….BAM! Just what I need. Just in time. Always. 🙌🏼

So….last Monday I took took command of the US Student Detachment at the Army’s Command and General Staff College. There are almost 1200 students in the course. This is basically the job I’ve worked my whole career for…the culmination of 18 years leading and taking care of troops. And observing others doing the same (the good, the bad, the ugly). I know I won’t do everything right but I hope I will do enough right and enough good, for the ones who need my help along the way, to make my mentors proud.

Tomorrow I give my first command brief in front of a packed auditorium. I’ve never been nervous about public speaking before but….this is different. That’s a crazy big audience and it’s a 2 hour brief! 😳

But y’all. It’s the finish line of my career. So…

Ready. Set. Go!

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