Oola Challenge Day 12: Laziness

Here’s an excerpt from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 12: Overcoming Laziness

On the path to Oola, there is no room for lazy. It cannot be a part of your life in any way, shape, or form. It’s easy to get caught up life’s routines and feel comfortable where you are, but feeling comfortable is a double-edged sword.  At Oola, we encourage you to find contentment and gratitude in your situation, but we also want you to have faith in how much further you can go.

A life you desire but only think about is just a dream. Written down, it becomes a goal. By writing down your goal and reading it every day, you will constantly remind yourself to take steps closer to the life you dream of and deserve.

Y’all. Honest self-assessment here. I don’t think I’m lazy (except in the gym). But, I struggle with unrealistic expectations for myself in terms of the amount of stuff I can accomplish in a given window of time. I let myself get overwhelmed because I can’t set priorities (if everything is a priority, then nothing is) and then I don’t know where to start and so….I don’t.

This is the primary reason I’ve had “declutter life” as a goal for the last couple of years. From the stuff that piles up (of its own accord and in record time) on my kitchen counter, to the knick knacks from years ago I haven’t been able (or willing) to part with, to the time sucks (errr…commitments) I get stuck in. It’s relationships that aren’t value added, the toys no one plays with anymore, the clothes the kids have outgrown that I will someday organize, sell or donate. It’s the things I think I HAVE to do and the to do lists that never end.

That sounds pretty hopeless, huh? The truth though? I’ve just been too tired (mentally and physically) to do anything besides whine and complain about it. Woe is me. 😳 Ummmm…I think that might be the definition of lazy. Crap! It’s only “hopeless” if I let myself get stuck in that mindset and remain inactive.

So, it’s time to get real. Set some mini goals, hire some assistants (remember Day 2?) and get after it. I want my time and energy back. Last week I spent a few hours going thru baby gear and toys and making ads with my organizer in FB groups. Stuff has been slowly trickling out my front door and the rest has an expiration date. We still have piles upon piles to go but it feels good to be getting it done. And you know what?

Progress=Motivation ❤️

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