Oola Challenge Day 15: Gratitude

Here’s an excerpt from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 15: Hunt the Good Stuff

In the past seven days, we’ve covered the OolaBlockers. These bad boys keep you from the life you dream of and deserve – your OolaLife. We encourage you to continue overcoming all the OolaBlockers in your life. During these next seven days, we’ll discuss OolaAccelerators. These are the characteristics and traits that take you to your OolaLife faster.

The first OolaAccelerator is gratitude. If you want to fast track your journey to Oola, embrace gratitude during the good times and the bad. Be grateful for every part of your journey. The more grateful you are, the more open you are to joyful opportunities.

Hunt the Good Stuff is one of my favorite exercises as a resilience trainer. But, it’s deceptive in how easy it sounds. When you first start doing this exercise it can be a real challenge (for us negative nellies, at least) to find something of consequence (i.e. more than, my alarm went off and I woke up) or something that is more than a silver lining to the bad parts of your day (like, at least it’s over or only happens once a year). The benefits of a grateful outlook though? Y’all.

Statistics show that grateful hearts live longer, sleep better and are more readily adaptable to stressful situations.  And guess what? They are happier because gratitude is contagious and spills over. Once you get accustomed to looking for and finding beauty (things to be grateful for) in your life…you start to see them everywhere. In essence….happiness takes practice! And it’s really not a big bowl of malarkey that…happiness is a choice 😳

Studies also show it takes at least 21 days of dedicated practice to make something a habit. I am pretty stoked to throw myself all-in on this experiment….cause who doesn’t want more happiness and better sleep (and all the mamas said Amen! #amiright).

So, today I’m grateful for:
A husband who gets me…who knows when the bear needs kicked out of the cave (not just poked) and who would drive 45 min thru rush hour traffic in downtown Kansas City on Friday night just so I can show my bestie something quintessential KC.

A friend with the curiosity and patience to dive into purging with me (on my terms- God bless you, Brogan) and spend back-to-back Saturday mornings helping me “let go” of the “things” in my life!

A mother who flies cross country whenever I need her to love on my babies…I pray they will have sweet memories of their Nana to last a lifetime. ❤️

What are you grateful for today?

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