Oola Challenge Day 16: Love

Here’s an excerpt from the Oola Guys:

Challenge 16: Love

See how real-life romance takes you to Oola.

When we think of romance, it’s easy to get caught up in what the world tells us it looks like: rose petals, candlelit baths, extravagant dates, and expensive jewelry. At it’s core, true romance is simply thoughtfulness. When you listen and interact with your significant other with care and empathy, you realize that the most romantic gestures aren’t ones that you’ll necessarily see in a movie. Instead, they’re the actions that simply show you’ve been paying attention.

Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to do one romantic thing for the love of your life. Seize the moment and go be a hopeless romantic in a way that changes your relationship.

Story books, fairy tales, movies and even the “adult novels” are full of romantic ideals that just pollute our minds with unrealistic expectations of love, relationships and sex.

Yup – I said it.

Does that mean I don’t love them? Nope. I do.  Lol.

But, one of the things I’m, ironically, most grateful for…is all the times my romantic hopes and dreams did NOT come true. All those unanswered prayers…they led me to Drew.

He is my match (or superior, if I’m honest but shhhh….don’t tell him) in nearly every way. There are the personality and health differences…Myers Briggs has me as an ESFJ preference….he’s an INTP. I’m OCD, he’s chill. I’m sugar and cream…he’s straight black. I’m lazy, he’s active. He’s a night owl, I’m a morning person. He’s intellectual, I’m emotional.  Then there are the parenting differences…he’s patient, I hover. He’s playful, I’m the enforcer. He’s present, I’m planning. But probably the number one differ BDE and the reason I love and need him the most…I’m stress and he’s calm  ❤️

He is my centerpoint, my rock in the storm and the one that pulls me back from the ledge and restores my balance. He’s the keeper of my hopes and dreams and while he claims to not know what goes in in my head…he knows my heart without a word. Every time.

I constantly strive to “take care of him” and handle the “little things” without being ask. In some ways, I think that IS “real love and romance” but…we have another difference (of course we do) and it’s in our love languages. I’m physical touch, acts of service and gifts while he is quality time and words of affirmation. So, here I sit struggling with how to do that today 🤷🏼‍♀️

Weve spent the morning entertaining kids and purging the house…in some ways, that’s just what he’s looking for…less clutter in our lives (on that point we agree completely). But, I think we need to go somewhere today…just the two of us for at least an hour and just simply breathe. Not talk about the day or the upcoming week like we usually do but…just touching one another and breathing in the moment. I’m pretty sure that’s his idea of heaven. And y’all…

Don’t wait til tomorrow to give each other what you need and to show them how much you love and need/appreciate them. Just like there is no “ideal time” to have kids…there’s never gonna be an “ideal time” to make the gesture and say the words. And I know that if I live another 60 years with this man…it will never have been enough time…so, why waste a single minute?




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