Starting Over…Again

Y’all. Follow thru….not my strong suit. I mean…it IS if what I’m working on is not for me. But if it’s about my personal growth, faith journey, memory albums, fitness or whatever…I let a hundred other things get in the way of finishing it until I’m so far behind that I’m embarrassed to continue. So…I start over. But, guess what? I STILL don’t finish. 

So, here we are almost two years after I started this blog and barely any growth. And by growth…I don’t mean followers cause I wasn’t expecting this to catapult me to stardom. But, I wanted it to be a creative outlet or maybe just a place for me to word vomit my feelings. And if it speaks to someone else…then great. But, I keep stalling out. And yet I keep reading about how wonderful it is to journal and get the pent up emotions out. And Lord knows my husband would like me to let them out somewhere else 😂🙌🏼😳

So, for Mother’s Day….I’m giving myself a gift. Im gonna use this space. And, I’m gonna finish some things. I’ve got a few personal growth challenges that I want to wrap up…like Oola, 21 Days of Prayer, Abide and Eat Pray Hustle. But…I’m not starting over this time. I’m gonna just do a little “reboot” review of the exercises I HAVE finished for each and then pick up where I left off. 

I decided to start with Oola because, y’all…redefining balance and what it means to me HAS to be a priority. I’m losing myself, my temper and my relationships because I can’t find the right focus and energy. And my Oola wheel is showing the wear and tear. The wheels are falling off this bus 😬

Week one focuses on the 7 Fs of Oola. So, here we go with a review of Days 1-7 which were the focus of today’s reflection:

  1. Fitness- 3 things I love about my body are: that it allowed me to bring two healthy children into this world, that it STILL turns my husband on and that it still functions fully- allowing me to do all the things I need to do. It may not look how I want, feel how I want to do everything as well as 8 want 🤦🏼‍♀️ but guess who is responsible for those things? Yep….ME. Time to get real and be accountable. 
  2. Finance- this is supposed to be about sacrifice and I’m definitely going about this one in the wrong way but…my sacrifice isn’t going to be spending this year. It’s going to be saving 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have to sacrifice my need to control and to do it all…not just myself but my way. You can’t ask for help and then expect everyone to do it identically to how you would have done it, right? Ummm…okay…sure. I’m gonna try at least. I am a work in progress, after all. So…today I emailed a possible new virtual assistant and some possible housekeeper upgrades and this week we are submitting our application to get an au pair. Eeeep! Talk about giving up control. It’s fixing to get real. 😳
  3. Family- mostly #2 is designed as it is to give me more quality time here being positively present. My kids are growing up so fast and I constantly feel like I’m missing it 😭 I am pledging to unplug for 2 hours before bedtime each night and for 6 hours each day of the weekend. Wish me luck….this might be the most important commitment I’m making this month!
  4. Field- So, here’s the thing…it’s my last year in the Army. It’s not an easy job commanding 900 Captains and Majors. Some days it down right sucks. The hours aren’t great and there’s no incentive pay. But some days, we get it right for someone and I know I’ve had a positive impact. I do love what I do…most of the time. But, this year…I’m planning to do less of it. What?!? That’s not what this Challenge said, Sherri! I know, I know. But, hear me out…I just wrapped up teaching my second course in Total Fitness. And the statistics that stuck out were about how happier (more positive) people are healthier and more productive (by 31%). So, I’m planning to refocus. I’m only gonna be there 4 days a week (when I can) because I owe myself and my kiddos the time to recharge and because I need to start transitioning and positioning for the next chapter. Also, I need to workout and de-stress more. Everything I’ve read says this will make me a better leader, parent and friend. So, I’m embarking on a one year experiment, people. 
  5. Faith- the struggle is real here. I don’t feel connected. I believe but my faith is lacking. So, I’m gonna get intentional (more so) about my prayer life and hunting the good stuff…focusing more on gratitude and embracing excellence vs pursuing perfection (more about those when we dive into 21 Days of Prayer). 
  6. Friends- I’ve already downsized here. But not in the best way. Some via self-selection and many because I suck at staying connected. So, I am going to pick a couple of relationships each week to focus on via texts, calls, emails and cards…I’ve expanded beyond “friends” in much the same way that I define “family” and I’m using this exercise to focus on the relationships that matter most in my life. 
  7. Fun- y’all. I don’t even know where to start. But, working out releases endorphins which help with sleep, digestion and stress. So…I’m gonna spend some time on that. And…escaping reality…reading/watching a show. I don’t want to get carried away with this one but I need to decluttered my night stand and give myself something to look forward to besides chocolate 😂

So, there you have it. Week one in review. Day 1 of this Mother’s Day Gift in the bag! Eeep! What about you? What’s something for yourself that you’ve been putting off for far too long?

Interested in completing the Oola Challenge with me? You can take the first step here:

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