Building a Grateful Heart


Today we are looking back on day 15 of the Oola Challenge and our first Oola Accelerator…Gratitude.

I’ve learned in the last year that humans are incapable of feeling more than one emotion at a time. 😱 Sure…we can surge thru them at rapid speed but we can only embrace one in a given moment. I’ve also come to know that gratitude is the most powerful of all emotions.

When I first completed this day of the Oola Challenge and read the quote “Through all things be grateful and have faith”…I didn’t fully comprehend what that meant.  But now, I understand that no matter what you are walking thru…if you can build a grateful heart, you will be insulated. You will be able to block out the distractions around you and rest in his perfect peace.

And as insane as it sounds…we have to PRACTICE gratitude. We have to seek it, savor it, share it and give ourselves to it completely. It often starts superficially with small things because we are literally rewriting our brains to see positivity.

Think about it…the news media rarely portrays a feel good story unless it’s buried under a myriad of other human suffering, civil rights impingement and ethical mistep stories. And what is there to celebrate? Success? Well, that’s a moving target because it usually sounds like this…”I’ll be successful/happy when —x—“ and then we get to “x” and it becomes “y”. 🤷‍♀️

I teach a resilience course at CGSC and frankly, I’m a fraud. I KNOW this stuff is true. I’ve had a front row seat to lives and relationships changed by growing positivity and it always starts with “hunting the good stuff”…embracing, reflecting on and savoring gratitude. My students report their homework assignments feel like a chore…at first. They were skeptical. Overcoming the negativity bias was hard. But then, a transformation happens and they start to experience positive events and they no longer have to force themselves to seek them. They begin to realize there were all of these things to be grateful for happening all around them everyday but they were walking around with blinders on. Y’all, I know this. I hear it every time I teach this course…and yet, it’s tremednoulsy challenging to force myself to complete this simple exercise.

But, this month is all about “finishing” what I started. So…here’s to hunting the good stuff. There’s absolutely nothing to lose in trying!

day 1-

I’m grateful that I got to experience “Taco Tuesday” and a night at the park with the two crazies in this picture. It was made possible because I left work at a reasonable hour and because I worked out and stuck to my diet today (at least until dinner 😂).

I’m grateful that I took time for me this morning and got in a workout. It was made possible by being organized the night before, getting up when I first woke up versus trying to fight my way back to sleep and I think it gave me greater emotional balance to face my day and stay on track/productive which enabled HTGS #1.

I’m grateful for a staff at work that respects me and our mission and fully supports me every single day thru all the crazy.  They’ve got my back and I pray they know I have theirs. They have truly made me see how important it is to have a tribe. They make me eat, they make me laugh, they let me vent and they take care of the balls I drop when the juggling act goes awry. Thank God for Ty, Dezi and Julie. 😘

What are you grateful for today?




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